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Pain Management Options at Central Florida Hospitals and Birth Centers

As doulas, we support all different types of births- and if you are interested in pain management we don’t judge at all! This list might be handy to help you navigate all the options available.

Types Of Pain Management

  • IV Medications- These are typically opioids like fentanyl or Nubain

Available at: All local hospitals 

Pros: Good for extreme pain in Early Labor or early induction phase when you may just need something to help you before you are ready for an epidural.

Short Acting

Cons: May cause drowsiness and drugged feeling. Can lower respiratory rate in baby and they may require support after delivery

  • Epidural- 2 medications (pain and numbing) delivered continuously through a spinal catheter

Available at: All local hospitals

Pros: Relieves pain but not pressure so you can feel when to push. Can allow a birthing person to relax and nap which can help recover energy during a longer labor. 

Cons: Can cause decrease in blood pressure- which may affect baby’s heart rate. You will not be able to walk (although we can help you move positions)  May not fully work.

  • Walking Epidural- One medication delivered continuously through spinal catheter

Available at: Winnie Palmer

Pros: Pain relief that doesn’t reach the baby while still allowing for movement. Can switch to a full epidural with only a switch of the medication bag

Cons:  May not provide enough relief. May cause decrease in blood pressure which may affect baby’s heart rate.

  • Nitrous Oxide- Nitrous mixed with Oxygen that you breathe during contractions

Available at: Winnie Palmer, Advent Health Orlando/Winter Park/ Altamonte, Oviedo Medical Center, Tree of Life Birth and Gynecology

Pros: You can control the use and you can use throughout labor. Quickly leaves your system, and causes little effect to baby. Can remain mobile

Cons: Doesn’t fully eliminate pain. Can cause dizziness and nausea. 

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