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In Joy Birth proudly trains and mentors doulas in the Central Florida community through our 7-month intensive mentorship program. Our doula mentees receive hands on training with Heather & Alyssa, who pass on their 20 years of combined experience and wisdom. They created this program with the mission of building a collective of skilled, competent doulas who could broaden the reach of quality birth support in our community. Affordable care was another part of the vision behind the mentorship collective, ensuring all families receive the quality of care they deserve. We are honored to have graduated 3 mentorship classes as of July 2022. 

When you hire a doula from the In Joy Birth Collective you receive a comprehensive care package including childbirth education/planning, 24/7 on-call support, individualized birth, postpartum and lactation support for only $700. We believe every birthing family should have a doula by their side help navigate their experience with joy and ease!

Below you'll find a list of Birth Doulas that are enrolled in our mentorship program.

Please review the bios below and select your top three choices. 

Then contact us to schedule your free, non-obligatory consultations today,

Chrystal is a certified Postpartum Doula, Prenatal Nutritionist, and Breastfeeding Counselor. Her journey into doula work started years ago when she helped many of her friends and family throughout the birthing process. Chrystal comes from a large hispanic family. "When someone from our family gives birth we nurture the mama and become her doula." Chrystal is a wife and a mother to a spunky two year old. She is a faith-based doula and believes in the power of prayer.

Chrystal also owns a nonprofit called 

Acts of Love Uganda Inc. It is a non-profit ministry dedicated to empowering children and families to reach their God given potential to become self-sufficient. We help parents start a business whether it’s having animals, farming, making crafts, braiding hair, or making clothing, any trade that

will help them bring income into their home. There is also a sponsorship program to help the children go to school and get an education. Helping families has always been a deep-down God given passion

of hers. Chrystal has been a choir mom to two children’s choirs that was made up of 22 Ugandan orphans for 10 months and 22 Haitian orphans for 3 months.

"I’m so excited to be apart of the Birthing Community!"

Indre B.

Sofija comes to InJoy after over a decade of working and living in Washington DC, where she began her work as a professional doula with Doulas of Capitol Hill. Sofija is now a mentee with InJoy, she completed her training with Ancient Song Doula Services in 2021. 


Sofija is trained as a full-spectrum doula and offers a wide range of support services to her clients. Sofija is an experienced doula, having attended more than 10 births, and has assisted many new parents in the postpartum period and beyond. She is a dedicated caretaker so expect for baby, mom, and dad to be pampered! Sofija is known to bring a light and cheerful disposition into any birthing suite, keeping things calm and allowing you to experience the joy of bringing your new one into the world surrounded by love. Sofija is a knowledgeable and focused doula with experience in lactation and nutritional support. She believes in providing all of her clients with non-judgmental, inclusive care. Sofija will be available to you throughout pregnancy to answer any questions, no matter how big or small, she's here to be your champion, best friend, cook, back-up, and pregnancy dictionary. 

Chrystal Q.

Victoria W.

Victoria is a childless doula with more experience than most in pregnancy and childcare as she is the youngest of 10 older sisters! She has 7 nieces and nephews and counting. Victoria is a graduating senior at the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) Majoring in Biomedical Sciences. When she is not working on her education she is participating in pageants, preforming a piece of poetry, or going to the gym. 

One of her biggest philosophies as a doula is to take care of mom with partner and make sure her space is filled with comfort and love. She is a true advocate for mom/baby and facilitating open communication with the medical provider about your wants and needs. "As a healthcare worker myself, I know how to maneuver the medical lingo of doctors and nurses."

Additionally, she grew up in a Caribbean household and has wonderful traditions and tricks that have gotten moms through some of the most traumatic unmedicated labors and even harder postpartum experiences.


As a childless doula my attention is yours undivided and her birth trauma is nonexistent.

"Every day as student, sibling, contestant 5, and doula I am learning how to be a better me for you!" 

Ariel Holton.jpeg

Ariel is a graduate from UCF with a Bachelors in Sport and Exercise Science and a Minor in Studio Art and Photography. She has been local to Orlando for 10 years but grew up living all over the world, because her Father served in the U.S. Air Force. 


In 2022 she earned a 200 hr yoga certification; specializing in restorative yoga and sound healing to help one transcend away from the weight of stress and anxiety. She has been called a lightworker and thoroughly enjoys setting up a peaceful space for her clients to let go in. 


Her Dharma, life mission, is simply to empower her community; she wishes to make all that seek out her help to feel grounded, educated, strong and capable enough to handle anything that is in their path. She offers a guiding hand that is dependable for new families while they navigate these life changing events. Let Ariel be the support that catches you even before you fall, let her be your grounding presence in the midst of the storm and she will help make your transition to parenthood as magical as it should be. 

Jai Bhagwan | Victory to the Spirit 

Ariel H.

Karena .HEIC
Chelsea Levering.jpg

Chelsea L.

Chelsea is a DONA trained doula as well as a mentee with In Joy Birth. She's a mother of 5 and she feels very strongly about helpingother mamas achieve their birthing goals.She wants nothing more than to help mothersbring life into this world. Chelsea has an outgoing personality, a big heart, and a lovefor photography and crystals. Chelseabelieves that you are never too old to start learning. She wears many hats with a mom being first, she has a culinary management degree, a crystal in her father's name.Chelsea also does maternity and family photography on the side called Chella Photography. After the passing of her dad, Chelsea decided that she needed to do something more fulfilling with her life.With the encouragement from her friendsand family, she decided that becoming adoula was exactly where she needed to be.

doula orlando.PNG

Amy is a Certified Doula (IJB), DONA trained. She is certified in birth, postpartum and placenta encapsulation. She provides services in the Seminole County area both at home or in Hospital/Birth Center settings. 


Amy, a mother of four, joined the birthing community after her fourth child seeing how important it was to have choices and caring support.  She started her journey with DONA and it led to continued education in the Bradley method, VBAC, breastfeeding, placenta encapsulation, and postpartum with

In Joy Birth's mentorship program. 

Amy K.

Rebecca S.

Rebecca and her husband have two daughters.  She is originally from Michigan, but is now a proud Floridian after living in Orlando for over a decade.

When she became pregnant with her oldest daughter, she started to ask her Grandma, Mom, sisters, and close friends their birth stories.  Many friends and family members told her they felt they had made uneducated decisions about several interventions during their labors and deliveries of their children.  As a result, some of them had unplanned, and in most cases medically unnecessary, c-sections.  She knew after hearing their birth stories there was more work to be done in education, advocacy, and doula work to better support mothers.

“I was supported by In Joy Birth Doulas during both of my pregnancies, births, and postpartum recoveries.  I tested positive for covid days before I gave birth to my oldest daughter.  My planned natural unmedicated calm water birth in a birth center turned into a stressful delivery in a hospital.  I felt the birth of my oldest daughter was another delivery on an assembly line of a huge hospital system.  Thankfully, I was prepared with my self-education, and the education from my doulas during my pregnancies to make informed decisions about my care and the care of my daughters.  Without the support of my doulas, I would have been coerced into medically unnecessary c-sections during both births.  The option for a c-section was proposed, but when more time was alotted, and alternative interventions were suggested by my doulas, two natural unmediated births were achieved.

My birth experiences have created a deep rooted desire to pay it forward to support mothers by providing education during pregnancy, advocacy during labor and delivery, and postpartum support by mothering the mother so she can mother her new bundle of joy. “

Kira V.

Each child brings a new light into this life and brings joy into a new family. Kira is

extremely grateful for the opportunity to empower women as they welcome their new baby into this world.


As a Certified Birth Doula, Kira enjoys spending time with new-to-be mothers and discovering their excitements and concerns. As you embark on the journey of birthing together, she provides encouragement and support for you and your partner to connect and experience all that arises. Kira will be with you from pregnancy to the birth and after. She is here to be your safety net, listen to your needs, and support your decisions.

Kira guides you into poses that can help shift the baby. She will advocate for your

needs. She is here to care for you. You and the baby’s health are the #1 priority. Kira

comes with presence, experience, and wisdom to see your picture through the fog of your physical labor sensations. Kira says “I am here for you!”

Vonda O.

Vonda is a mother to 6 children; 3 teenagers and 3 little ones. Being young when she had her older children and very uneducated about birth, she followed whatever the doctors told her. She has grown through her own birth experiences and through friends and families she has attended. She is currently a birth assistant at Tree of Life and has served many families through In Joy Birth over the last 2 years. 

“I believe that all mommas and their families deserve to be educated and supported no matter what they decide is best for them. If that means you want pain medication the moment you walk into the hospital or if you want a home, water birth then I will be there to help and support you with love and no judgement.” ~Vonda

Make what you love, be what you do.

- Rumi

Interested in joining the doula mentorship program?

  • 7 month in-depth, continuing education program. 

  • Extended doula support and 24/7 guidance for all birth work and business needs.

  • Integration into support circles and birth networks.

  • Get paid while studying and receiving our guidance. 

  • Monthly workshops with specialized and local experts.

  • Hands on experience through apprenticeship while building clientele base.

  • Create partnerships with birth centers, home birth midwives, and certified nurse midwives.


Apply for the Fall 2023 Collective here: Be the change.

Don't miss our OPEN HOUSE INFO NIGHT on 7/29/2023: email: to RSVP

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