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In Joy Birth proudly trains and mentors doulas in the Central Florida community through our 7-month intensive mentorship program. Our doula mentees receive hands on training with Heather & Alyssa, who pass on their 20 years of combined experience and wisdom. They created this program with the mission of building a collective of skilled, competent doulas who could broaden the reach of quality birth support in our community. Affordable care was another part of the vision behind the mentorship collective, ensuring all families receive the quality of care they deserve. We are honored to have graduated 3 mentorship classes as of July 2022. 

When you hire a doula from the In Joy Birth Collective you receive a comprehensive care package including childbirth education/planning, 24/7 on-call support, individualized birth, postpartum and lactation support for only $650. We believe every birthing family should have a doula by their side help navigate their experience with joy and ease!

Please review the bios below and select your top three choices. 

Then contact us to schedule your free, non-obligatory consultations today,


Arelis’ is a Mother to a beautiful 14 year old daughter named Judith. She is a certified massage therapist and currently working through the required pre-requisites, to attend midwifery school. Arelis brings a holistic and spiritual approach to her work. Understanding the importance of inner peace and good energy around birth and postpartum adjustments.
Her passion for pregnant mothers and babies began when she was just about 13 years old. She always dreamed of being in the birth work field. Becoming a young Mommy at the age of 16, taught her so much on advocacy and the lack of support. Her own experience led her to want to make a difference in the birth world. She is excited and passionate about bringing awareness to racial disparities and injustice around age discrimination. She is extending her love and support to the teen mom community, by working with schools and organizations, to offer free doula care and child birth education classes.
She is looking forward to being apart of beautiful birth stories from all ages and serving her community.

“Birth is the most beautiful and vulnerable experience! My duty is to instill confidence, support and love to your journey on bringing baby earthside”

Arelis is offering birth and postpartum care. She also offers placenta encapsulation. She is mainly in the Kissimmee-west Orlando area

Lauren Koontz

Lauren is a doula and activist who believes in the intersection of birth and social justice. She is located in the Kissimmee area and enjoys gardening, cooking, all things Disney, and being a dog mama to her Boston Terrier, Gertie. 


Lauren was born and raised in Indiana and graduated with degrees in Public Relations and Music Business. She moved to central Florida with her family in 2013. Her career working with musicians and social media personalities allowed her to travel the country and the world putting on large-scale events while providing a safe space for LGBTQIA+ youth and shining a light on mental health. 


A fierce advocate for reproductive choice and voice, Lauren is thrilled to be joining the Injoy Birth Collective to soak up knowledge from her mentors and peers and be the doula the diverse, beautiful birthing people of Orlando deserve.

Victoria Wilson

Victoria is a childless doula with more experience than most in pregnancy and childcare as she is the youngest of 10 older sisters! She has 7 nieces and nephews and counting. Victoria is a graduating senior at the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) Majoring in Biomedical Sciences. When she is not working on her education she is participating in pageants, preforming a piece of poetry, or going to the gym. 

           One of her biggest philosophies as a doula is to take care of mom with partner and make sure her space is filled with comfort and love. She is a true advocate for mom/baby and facilitating open communication with the medical provider about your wants and needs. "As a healthcare worker myself, I know how to maneuver the medical lingo of doctors and nurses."

Additionally, she grew up in a Caribbean household and has wonderful traditions and tricks that have gotten moms through some of the most traumatic unmedicated labors and even harder postpartum experiences.


As a childless doula my attention is yours undivided and her birth trauma is nonexistent.

"Every day as student, sibling, contestant 5, and doula I am learning how to be a better me for you!" 

Vonda Osborn

Tracy is mama to a wild and sassy toddler girl and her basketballer teenage son. She admits that the first time around, she didn’t even know how much she didn’t know about the amazing transformation her body went through and the process of childbirth. Many years of single parenting later, she found love with her best friend Jason and they became a blended family of five. When the universe blessed them with a baby together, she knew she wanted to be more informed and more connected to the whole experience. She dove in to research and felt drawn to the books that described what childbirth was like years ago, before it became so managed. The way the women in the family and community would come to the laboring mother’s side to guide and support her, to share in strength and celebration, and how they continued to care for her in the postpartum period. It was on the pages of these books that Tracy first felt the spark that would lead her to join InJoy Birth’s Mentorship.  


“It’s hard to put in to words what it feels like to know, at 41, that I am finally in alignment with what I’m supposed to do in this life. I’ve heard young women say ‘I’m terrified to give birth’ and this saddens me, but I know it’s because we live in a world that often makes childbirth seem scary. I want to help every woman I serve on this journey to recognize her own strength and intuitive ability to birth without fear, in whatever way she chooses.”

Vonda is a mother to 6 children; 3 teenagers and 3 little ones. Being young when she had her older children and very uneducated about birth, she followed whatever the doctors told her. She has grown through her own birth experiences and through friends and families she has attended. She is currently a birth assistant at Tree of Life and has served many families through In Joy Birth over the last 2 years. 

“I believe that all mommas and their families deserve to be educated and supported no matter what they decide is best for them. If that means you want pain medication the moment you walk into the hospital or if you want a home, water birth then I will be there to help and support you with love and no judgement.” ~Vonda

Amy Kit
doula orlando.PNG

Amy is a Certified Doula (IJB), DONA trained. She is certified in birth, postpartum and placenta encapsulation. She provides services in the Seminole County area both at home or in Hospital/Birth Center settings. 


Amy, a mother of four, joined the birthing community after her fourth child seeing how important it was to have choices and caring support.  She started her journey with DONA and it led to continued education in the Bradley method, VBAC, breastfeeding, placenta encapsulation, and postpartum with

In Joy Birth mentorship program. 

Nathalia Sanchez

Nathalia is an English and Spanish speaking doula. She is a wife and mother to 3 girls. She is passionate about empowering women, especially as they are bringing a new life into this world. She wants every birthing woman to be informed, know their options, and love their birth!

"I look forward to helping women during their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. I want to make sure they feel prepared and supported, but most importantly, I want them to be proud of themselves no matter how their birth goes." -Nathalia


Nathalia es una doula que habla Ingles y Español. Es esposa y madre de 3 niñas. Le apasiona empoderar a las mujeres, especialmente cuando están trayendo una nueva vida a este mundo. ¡Quiere que todas las mujeres que dan a luz estén informadas, conozcan sus opciones y amen su parto! 

"Espero poder ayudar a las mujeres durante su embarazo, parto y posparto. Quiero que se sientan preparadas y apoyadas, pero lo más importante es que quiero que se sientan orgullosas de sí mismas." -Nathalia

Make what you love, be what you do.

- Rumi

Interested in joining the doula mentorship program?

  • 7 month in-depth, continuing education program. 

  • Extended doula support and 24/7 guidance for all birth work and business needs.

  • Integration into support circles and birth networks.

  • Get paid while studying and receiving our guidance. 

  • Monthly workshops with specialized and local experts.

  • Hands on experience through apprenticeship while building clientele base.

  • CEUs through DONA (in progress).

  • Ability to recertify through this program with DONA. (in progress)

  • Create partnerships with birth centers, home birth midwives, and certified nurse midwives.


Apply for the Spring 2023 Collective here: Be the change.

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