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The transition into new parenthood can be challenging and isolating. Mom's aren't meant to do this alone. Our team of postpartum doulas are compassionate professionals who are passionate about the families they serve. We offer expert care, non-judgemental emotional support, active listening and ease the transition for new moms and dads. Our doulas follow evidence-based information to support you and your families changing needs.

*All doulas have undergone background checks*


Baby Stretches

Budget Friendly Option

*These doulas are student doulas and are currently enrolled in the In Joy Birth Mentorship.* We have reduced the rate to accommodate families looking for an affordable postpartum care option. 

Karena .HEIC

Karina R. 

Karena an intuitive empath on my journey into birth work. She is a nurturer by nature! Her ability to connect with others empowered her to become a circle of support.

Karena was raised by women and surrounded by children throughout her entire life. The profound love, support, compassion, and guidance led Karena to become a doula. "I want to care for, encourage, uplift, and

support women, families, and the community after birth. The 4 th trimester can be a tender

period so with me by your side I can provide clarity and comfort for families transitioning into a new stage of life." 

Karena is a CBC (certified breastfeeding counselor), postpartum doula CPR, first aid certified, and a new mentee with IJB.

Amy B. 

Amy (originally from Pittsburgh ) lives in Celebration Fl with her husband and 10 year old son. 

She left a career in healthcare working at UF/Shands and also Mayo Clinic to raise her son and focus on her family. Now that her son is older she is ready to focus on her passion…BABIES! She has loved babies as long as she can remember and it is a calling on her heart to help nurture and be a calming presence in the 4th trimester for all parents.  She was alone in a new city when she had her son and wants the help make that experience different for as many people as she can. 


She is certified in first aid and CPR and currently certified as a postpartum doula by Injoy. she is also looking forward to continuing her education in lactation and sleep training and anything in the postpartum world that could be helpful. 


She also enjoys quality time with her family, travel  , reading, working out, health and nutrition, football, her beagle pup and most of all baby snuggles! 


“I am so excited to work with you customize a routine for you and your baby. To help you in this new season of life is such a blessing to me”  

Meet our seasoned & certified doulas

Kira V.

A birth is a new beginning for all. Kira helps ease new mothers into this new life.


As a Postpartum Doula, Kira cherishes every moment assisting a new mother and child in building a

relationship together. As you navigate Motherhood, Kira will be there to provide a listening ear and

encouraging words. She provides breast feeding support and nourishing food (as a Holistic Nutritionist)

as you build back your energy. She has been a Postpartum Doula for twin infants and assisted with night time feedings and shifts. She has trained in Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP) and American Red Cross Infant CPR. Little ones tend to melt in her arms as she holds them with a calming presence. As you rest, you’ll know your baby is in safe hands.

Her mother was a Midwife, so she grew up with a child on each hip her whole life. She is currently training as a Midwife and is on the path to supporting women through the life changing experience of Labor. Her path has been to become a yoga instructor, a therapist, wholistic nutritionist, nanny, and energetic healer. Each of those roles has taught her how to hold space for people and to truly listen to their needs.When she’s not holding little ones in her

arms, she is a very active person. Acrobatic yoga, theatre, hiking, dancing, and traveling the world all

bring warmth to her heart.

Sofija J.

Sofija comes to InJoy After a decade of working and living in Washington DC, where she trained and honed her skills as a birth and postpartum Doula. After having spent most of that time volunteering in the reproductive justice movement, Sofia found a home in caring for families and new babies after completing her training with Ancient Song Doula services. She has training in postpartum care, placenta encapsulation, and basic lactation. 


Sofija's Doula story begins at Winnie Palmer, where, at the age of 21 she saw her beautiful niece come into the world. While the beauty of the birth experience was overwhelmingly positive, she also saw that there was another side to the story. Sometimes, moms don't get the care they deserve. Having seen this pattern repeated over and over with friends and family, Sofia decided to do something about it! She got her doula certification, and the rest is history.


She is a full-spectrum Doula, but mostly works in birth and postpartum care, she finds those the most fun. Sofia focuses on bringing a light and cheerful disposition into any birthing suite (when appropriate). Between cracking jokes (usually at dad's expense, mom is busy) and giving world-class massages, Sofija is a focused doula providing non-judgmental inclusive care for her clients. Constantly available to you throughout pregnancy to answer any questions, no matter how big or small, Sofija will be your champion, best friend, cook, and back-up. 

Trained Medical Professionals

Now serving families with medically fragile babies. Our postpartum team is equipped with trained medical professionals ranging from Registered Nurses, EMT's, Licensed Midwives, and Pediatric Paramedics. We specialize in night nursing, NICU babies, infants with special needs, and premature babies. Inquire about the rate and availability!

We are trained medical professionals ranging from Registered Nurses, EMT's, Licensed Midwives, and Pediatric Paramedics. We specialize in night nursing, NICU babies, infants with special needs, medically fragile babies, and premature babies. 

*All Medically Trained Professionals are Certified Doulas and hold current medical licenses and have been background checked.


Constance T.


Constance Tucker has been a licensed midwife for 7 years, a DONA trained doula since 2011, and has over 25 years experience working in the medical field including with newborns and previously as a pediatric nursing assistant.  She has worked with a myriad of different providers over the last three decades, giving her a unique, multifaceted, and wide perspective to many aspects of care.  She is dedicated to supporting and working with families through transition into their newly expanded family life. From fertility to the "fourth trimester", she believes parental empowerment, support in personal decision making, and honoring inherent knowledge and understanding are the cornerstones of healthy family growth.  Education is her passion, as "knowledge is power" but with the extremes in information existing in parenting circles due to social media and the internet, it can be difficult to discern which information will work for a specific family.  Helping clear the clouds of confusion, she is organized and focused on parents' needs in order to guide their process to finding what works for them. 


"I learned so many lessons from the wonderful opportunity of working with the Amish.  They are surrounded by community, elders, and family for support.  Pregnancy, motherhood, and postpartum are honored and the culture provides so much love to the new family.  This model is needed in the world we live in; where mothers are going back to work at five days or two weeks postpartum.  Families need support with newborns and time to heal and adjust.  This adjustment doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming; people just need more support." 


Constance works as a midwife and postpartum support, holds current NRP and CPR certifications, enjoys supporting families in their transitions, and loves to do laundry.  She is extremely dedicated to her work and on her days off enjoys spending time with her family, reading, continuing education and research, and working on her herbal remedies and apothecary.  She is located in Altamonte Springs and serves a 20 mile radius.   

                         Jamie B. 
                                    EMT, PALS, NRP

Jamie B is a proud mother of four daughters, she brings firsthand knowledge and empathy to every family she works with.  What sets Jamie apart is not only her extensive medical training but also her deep understanding of the joys and challenges of motherhood. 
Jamie, the "medical mama," has over 30 years of experience in both emergency medical care and childcare. With her exceptional skills and compassionate nature, Jamie has earned the reputation as the ultimate guardian angel for families in need.

Jamie holds an impressive array of certifications, including being a licensed EMT and certified in CPR, Neonatal resuscitation, PALS, ACLS, and fetal heart monitoring. She is also trained as a birth, bereavement, and postpartum doula, providing unparalleled support during the most vulnerable moments of life.

Her areas of expertise are as diverse as they are specialized. From caring for multiples to attending to medically fragile babies, Jamie is well-equipped to handle any situation. She is a guiding light for families facing unique medical circumstances, offering them the peace of mind they deserve.

But Jamie's dedication doesn't stop there. She goes above and beyond to provide "sick coverage" for parents who require extra assistance. With her by your side, you can rest assured that your child's health and happiness are in the best hands.
Based in the greater Orlando area, Jamie is eager to connect with your family and become an integral part of your journey. Her mission is simple: to promote the well-being of mothers and families, ensuring they thrive both physically and emotionally.

Aleksandra B.


Aleksandra is a birth, postpartum, and bereavement doula. With over 10 years of experience in childcare she now specializes in both women and pediatric medical care. When Aleksandra isn’t helping families, she is expanding her knowledge in emergency and trauma care.


She has worked at the local pediatric trauma hospital, as well as the center for women and babies. This experience helped her develop a strong working knowledge of the medical, physical, and mental needs of moms and babies during the early stages of parenthood and life. Aleksandra specializes in overnight postpartum care, newborn care, and the care of medically fragile babies.


Quality family time is something Aleksandra greatly values. Some of her best memories were traveling to 12 countries with her family. She believes each member of the family should feel at ease and peaceful, even the furry ones. Aleksandra is pet friendly, ensuring a safe environment and transition for your furry friend too. Aleksandra puts so much love and one-of-kind care into supporting each and every family! When parents feel sustained, it makes the parenting journey incredibly less stressful, and allows for more time to enjoy the special moments a baby will bring.


Ada Nieves

Ada Nieves, a native New Yorker, has devoted over 25 years to the field of healthcare, specializing in women's health. With a focus on postpartum care and nurturing newborns, Ada's nursing expertise spans more than 17 years in this specialized realm.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Ada is a vibrant individual with a passion for culinary arts and fitness. Fluent in Spanish and proficient in understanding Portuguese, her journey towards wellness was catalyzed by her personal medical challenges. Her commitment to her own well-being led Ada to extend her care to others, aiming to empower individuals to prioritize their health.

Ada's dedication extends beyond conventional healthcare roles. She ardently supports new mothers, newborns, and post-surgery patients, leveraging her expertise to provide specialized care. Notably, her advocacy for women's health prompted her to run the NYC Marathon, championing awareness for improved outcomes in maternal and infant health while educating communities about preventable medical complications.

Her compassionate nature and hands-on approach shine through her personal experiences, having offered invaluable support to her twin sister and best friend during their labor and post-surgery recovery. Ada's ethos revolves around personalized care, advocating for families and treating each individual as part of her own.

With certifications in NRP and BCLS (Newborn and Adult CPR), Ada amalgamates her extensive medical background and postpartum doula expertise to provide a unique and deeply caring approach. She prioritizes informed decision-making for every family, ensuring they feel supported and empowered. Her practice seamlessly combines professional proficiency with a compassionate touch, benefiting all her patients and their loved ones.

                           Alicja B.
        EMT-P(EMT/Paramedic),NRP, PALS, ACLS, PHTLS,                                               BLS, SBD

Alicja is a birth and postpartum doula, passionate about supporting families through their journey of parenthood. With over 10 years of experience in childcare as well as over 5 years of medical expertise, she brings a unique blend of compassion, expertise, and a keen eye to each and every family she supports. 

If you don't see Alicja with a newborn in her arms, she’s probably expanding her medical knowledge or continuing her career as a critical care pediatric paramedic at the local pediatric hospital. Because of this experience, she has developed a deep understanding of the medical needs of both infants and parents, enabling her to provide comprehensive support during the early stages of parenthood. Alicja specializes in overnight postpartum care, newborn care, and medically assisted care for newborns. 

Having spent some time traveling through 12 countries with her family, quality family time is something that she greatly values. Alicja truly believes that it takes a village to raise a family. That’s why she puts her all into supporting the growth of every family she works for, because when parents are well supported in caring for their little ones, they are better equipped to handle the joys and challenges of raising children. 

Having grown up as the eldest of four daughters, Alicja is well adapted to working with children of all ages. In addition, Alicja is cat and dog friendly, ensuring a harmonious environment for furry family members as well.  Alicja will be sure to create a nurturing and empowering experience for you and your loved ones.

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