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*All doulas have undergone background checks*

The transition into new parenthood can be challenging and isolating. Mom's aren't meant to do this alone. Our team of postpartum doulas are compassionate professionals who are passionate about the families they serve. We offer expert care, non-judgemental emotional support, active listening and ease the transition for new moms and dads. Our doulas follow evidence-based information to support you and your families changing needs.


Baby Stretches
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A birth is a new beginning for all. Kira helps ease new mothers into this new life.


As a Postpartum Doula, Kira cherishes every moment assisting a new mother and child in building a

relationship together. As you navigate Motherhood, Kira will be there to provide a listening ear and

encouraging words. She provides breast feeding support and nourishing food (as a Holistic Nutritionist)

as you build back your energy. She has been a Postpartum Doula for twin infants and assisted with night time feedings and shifts. She has trained in Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP) and American Red Cross Infant CPR. Little ones tend to melt in her arms as she holds them with a calming presence. As you rest, you’ll know your baby is in safe hands.

Her mother was a Midwife, so she grew up with a child on each hip her whole life. She is currently training as a Midwife and is on the path to supporting women through the life changing experience of Labor. Her path has been to become a yoga instructor, a therapist, wholistic nutritionist, nanny, and energetic healer. Each of those roles has taught her how to hold space for people and to truly listen to their needs.When she’s not holding little ones in her

arms, she is a very active person. Acrobatic yoga, theatre, hiking, dancing, and traveling the world all

bring warmth to her heart.

Trained Medical Professionals

We are trained medical professionals ranging from Registered Nurses, EMT's, Licensed Midwives, and Pediatric Paramedics. We specialize in night nursing, NICU babies, infants with special needs, medically fragile babies, and premature babies. 


*All Medically Trained Professionals are Certified Doulas and hold current medical licenses and have been background checked.

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