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In Joy Birth is a partnership of two experienced and professional expert doulas.

Heather Rich is a mother of two not-so-little ones and has been a gestational surrogate x2. She's experienced just about every kind of birth, induction, vaginal, natural, and cesarean and has also experienced loss. Heather has been a birth and postpartum doula for 15 years. After a very redemptive birth with her second child, she became deeply passionate for birth and the journey it takes in getting to the 4th trimester known as postpartum.

Heather trained in 2009 with CAPPA and DONA but felt it was wildly inadequate in how to properly support a family. She did continued education and trained/apprenticed under a certified nurse midwife as her assistant for 4 years. This is where Heather learned how to become the best advocate for her clients and how to properly resource a family through risks and benefits and informed consent. "Birth and motherhood is a sacred and vulnerable time for a woman and I believe coming to it with an open heart and open mind is what gives me the tools to make the magic happen; no matter the situation."

Since then, Heather and Alyssa have launched an additional part of their business, training and mentoring new doulas through a 7 month hands-on mentorship program.

Other Continued Education includes: breastfeeding, postpartum mood disorders, infertility/fertility assistance, bereavement, and peri menopause/menopause, cloth diapering, and baby wearing. Heather is the former President of GetPumped! and has worked alongside of numerous organizations such as La Leche League, the Central Florida Birth Network, ICAN of CFL, The Breastfeeding Project, Connected Mothering, and Central Florida Postpartum Alliance.

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Madeline Mosco has recently joined the In Joy team to cover Alyssa while she is out on maternity leave. Madeline is a Canadian transplant, who moved to Orlando after spending her early twenties and meeting her husband - in NYC. Her house is filled with the giggles and noise of her 2 young kiddos and 3 friendly cats. Madeline's background is in the corporate world in managing and team building. Her passion, however, has always been in women's rights and birth. After becoming a mother, she was shocked at how much she didn't know about labor and new parenthood - despite the books, and classes. After speaking with other mothers, she found the same. Madeline loves to help women navigate the awe inspiring, anxiety ridden, joyful and emotional moments of becoming a mother. She is a certified birth and postpartum doula and was trained by Alyssa and Heather. Madeline approaches everything in life with compassion, open-mindedness and a whole lot of laughter.

“Women are often under so much pressure- to get it right, to have the perfect birth, to breastfeed with ease, and to immediately recover. The truth is, there is no right, no gold medal for best birther, and everyone's journey is unique. I’m here to help provide you with tools, techniques, support and guidance so you can go through your journey with confidence and with so much love”. - M

Services include birth and labor doula support, postpartum doula care, night nanny, lactation counseling, natural childbirth classes, gentle sleep consulting, placenta encapsulation, and belly casting in the Orlando and surrounding areas.

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Alyssa Kaplan is a devoted mother of two and served as a surrogate mother in 2019. She is a health and wellness enthusiast with a passion for herbalism and yoga. Alyssa began her herbalism studies in 2010 under the guidance of Zia Parker and has since continued her education under Aviva Romm, MD. She has been a certified yoga instructor since 2006 and received her certification in pre-postnatal yoga instruction in 2013 from Katie Wise and Kirsten Warner. With over 10 years of experience as a birth doula, Alyssa has a deep understanding of the physiology of pregnancy and birth. Her knowledge and expertise allow her to provide exceptional care and preparation to her yoga clients, helping them to prepare for labor, birth, and postpartum recovery.

As part owner of In Joy Birth, Alyssa is dedicated to providing exceptional care to mothers and their families. She currently coordinates postpartum care and manages the office, while also offering her expertise as a certified birth and postpartum doula, certified breastfeeding specialist, and certified pediatric sleep consultant. Alyssa's approach to sleep consulting is gentle, holistic, and evidence-based. She is committed to promoting healthy sleep habits and practices, and she takes a personalized approach to each family she works with. She understands that every family's needs are different, and she works collaboratively with her clients to create customized sleep plans that work for their unique situations. Alyssa is excited to offer her expertise in gentle sleep solutions to help families achieve restful nights.

In her free time, Alyssa enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, practicing yoga, and continuing her education in health and wellness. To book a consultation please email: 

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