Make what you love, be what you do.

- Rumi

Dana Sorby

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Dana is a wife, mom and grandmother of three. She offers evidence based, nurturing support for families giving birth in a hospital setting, bringing a calm, positive and joyful attitude. She  wants you to feel seen and heard, knowing you have someone there to support you not only during your baby’s birth, but in the days after as you adjust to the new demands and challenges of having a new baby. 

“When I gave birth decades ago, I didn’t think I had options or a voice in how my babies were  born. I want to listen to what matters to you and offer my non-judgmental support. I am  excited and grateful to experience the miracle of your baby’s birth with you.” Whether you  need moral support or simply a hand to hold, I’ll be there for you.” 

In addition to being a birth and postpartum doula, Dana is a multi-certified newborn care  specialist and lactation counselor. She is the creator of Sweet Blessings Newborn Care and is  passionate about helping new moms and their babies get the very best start in life. 

Rachel Esposito

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Rachel is a stay at home mom of 2 children, a girl and a boy. She completed her AA degree in nutrition and dietetics but took time off to stay home after the birth of her daughter. She continues course study in herbalism and plans to continue her degree in nutrition, remaining quite passionate about both.


At the birth of her daughter, with encouragement from her wonderful midwives and HypnoBirthing instructor, she discovered an incredible feeling of ownership and empowerment of her birthing body. After the free birth of her son 3 years later, she was further inspired to help others feel empowered in the same way, to advocate for a woman during the most profound transition in her life and help to foster a feeling of confidence.


“More than anything I believe that mothers should have ownership of the process and birth their babies the way that they are instinctively drawn to, in whatever way that may be. There is nothing like childbirth to facilitate tapping into something inside of you that is primal and sacred, wholly and indivisibly your own. During this beautiful process every woman has a right to be educated and informed in such a way that they can be confidently autonomous in their decisions and free from judgment.”

Brittany Muscarella

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Brittany is a licensed massage therapist and has continued her education to specifically serve pregnant and postpartum mamas through prenatal and postnatal bodywork. Swept away by the magic of being a woman and connecting to our bodies, she became the chiropractic advocate and massage therapist at a prenatal chiropractic office, IWC Family Chiropractic. Facilitating bodywork for women has been one of the greatest joys of her life. She is extremely passionate about empowering women to know their rights and profound potential throughout pregnancy and after birthing life. She is here to offer the emotional and physical support you may need on your journey. 


“Together as women we are able to tap deeply into our intuition and wisdom to create a powerful journey through pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period. We are deeply magical and intuitive beings just by simply being a woman. We have been birthing since the beginning of mankind!! All women have divine power, and it is our birthright to have the nourishment, support and education we need to feel fulfilled while becoming mothers.”

Meaghan O'Kennedy

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Meaghan is a mother of a one year old with another on the way. Her love for childbirth first blossomed as she was preparing for her own. She studied in depth techniques to prepare her body and soul for the magical transformation that is birth. Having had a beautiful birth, surrounded by family, the idea became planted in her mind that birth coaching may be her calling.


Meaghan has always had a passion for helping others. She uses her gifts to be a grounded presence during your birthing process to make it feel as if she is your coach and your friend. She looks forward to working further to bring more joy and life into this (and most importantly your) world.

Madeline Mosco

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Madeline is a Canadian transplant, who moved to Orlando after spending her early twenties- and meeting her husband- in New York City. Her house is filled with the giggles and noise of her 2 young kiddos, and 3 friendly cats. 


Madeline’s background is in the corporate world- in managing and building teams. Her passion, however, has always been in women’s rights and birth. After becoming a mother, she was shocked at how much she didn’t know about labor, and new parenthood- despite the books, and classes. After speaking with other mothers, she found the same. She loves to help women navigate the awe inspiring, anxiety ridden, joyful and emotional moments of becoming a mother. 


She approaches everything in life with compassion, open-mindedness and a whole lot of laughter. 


“Women are often under so much pressure- to get it right, to have the perfect birth, to breastfeed with ease, and to immediately recover. The truth is, there is no right, no gold medal for best birther, and everyone's journey is unique. I’m here to help provide you with tools, techniques, support and guidance so you can go through your journey with confidence and with so much love”

Nathalia Sanchez

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Nathalia is an English and Spanish speaking doula. She is a wife and mother to 3 girls. She is passionate about empowering women, especially as they are bringing a new life into this world. She wants every birthing woman to be informed, know their options, and love their birth!

"I look forward to helping women during their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. I want to make sure they feel prepared and supported, but most importantly, I want them to be proud of themselves no matter how their birth goes." -Nathalia


Nathalia es una doula que habla Ingles y Español. Es esposa y madre de 3 niñas. Le apasiona empoderar a las mujeres, especialmente cuando están trayendo una nueva vida a este mundo. ¡Quiere que todas las mujeres que dan a luz estén informadas, conozcan sus opciones y amen su parto! 

"Espero poder ayudar a las mujeres durante su embarazo, parto y posparto. Quiero que se sientan preparadas y apoyadas, pero lo más importante es que quiero que se sientan orgullosas de sí mismas." -Nathalia

Erica Bowles

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Erica is a mom to two boys, ages 16yrs and 3yrs, and wife to her husband of 16yrs. Certified in Neonatal Resuscitation and infant/child/adult CPR, Erica also carries a doula certification through Common-sense Childbirth School of Midwifery and enjoys birth assisting for a local midwife.  In the past 2years, Erica has supported a wide range of families from first time parents to parents expecting their fifth baby. Having two cesarean births, one not necessary at the age of 18yrs, and one medically necessary transfer from homebirth to hospital, Erica is passionate about celebrating and supporting families as they journey along their prenatal, birth, and postpartum experiences, however they may unfold. Each birth experience brings with it a transformation, and it is an honor to be invited into such a sacred space where surrender and power collide in such a beautiful way. Erica is passionate about giving birthing people a safe place to feel all the feels and ask all the questions. She provides families with evidence-based education, judgement free support, and encouragement for moms and dads to voice their choices during their prenatal, birth, and postpartum experience.

"I believe EVERY birthing person deserves to be respected, listened to, recognized, and supported along their journey into parenthood each and every time they bring forth life. After having experienced two births of my own-one without a doula, and one with a doula, I knew in the deepest part of my heart that I wanted to be a part of serving women in their antenatal season, and each time, I am in awe of just how amazing it is to watch the miracle of life unfold in front of me."

Bobbie Skeel

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Bobbie is a mother of four rambunctious boys, whom she devoted her working career to, for years. Now that they are a little older and in school, she has decided to devote her time to support families in labor and delivery. While struggling to figure out what she wanted to be in this world, the moment she learned of doulas, she fell completely enamored with the mission: to support, care, and inform mamas in their most vulnerable times. Her fiancé is wildly supportive and excited for this new journey, as Bobbie has never been truly passionate about anything regarding her career. She believes birth is the most beautiful thing, no matter the way it happens. She will 100% support your decisions and also 100% cry with you when that moment comes.

“When the time comes to labor and birth, I’ll be there with my heart wide open and ready to support you in any way you need.”

Tracy Housley

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Tracy is mama to a wild and sassy toddler girl and her basketballer teenage son. She admits that the first time around, she didn’t even know how much she didn’t know about the amazing transformation her body went through and the process of childbirth. Many years of single parenting later, she found love with her best friend Jason and they became a blended family of five. When the universe blessed them with a baby together, she knew she wanted to be more informed and more connected to the whole experience. She dove in to research and felt drawn to the books that described what childbirth was like years ago, before it became so managed. The way the women in the family and community would come to the laboring mother’s side to guide and support her, to share in strength and celebration, and how they continued to care for her in the postpartum period. It was on the pages of these books that Tracy first felt the spark that would lead her to join In Joy Birth’s Mentorship.  


“It’s hard to put in to words what it feels like to know, at 41, that I am finally in alignment with what I’m supposed to do in this life. I’ve heard young women say ‘I’m terrified to give birth’ and this saddens me, but I know it’s because we live in a world that often makes childbirth seem scary. I want to help every woman I serve on this journey to recognize her own strength and intuitive ability to birth without fear, in whatever way she chooses.”

Lauren Koontz

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Lauren is a doula and activist who believes in the intersection of birth and social justice. She is located in the Kissimmee area and enjoys gardening, cooking, all things Disney, and being a dog mama to her Boston Terrier, Gertie. 


Lauren was born and raised in Indiana and graduated with degrees in Public Relations and Music Business. She moved to central Florida with her family in 2013. Her career working with musicians and social media personalities allowed her to travel the country and the world putting on large-scale events while providing a safe space for LGBTQIA+ youth and shining a light on mental health. 


A fierce advocate for reproductive choice and voice, Lauren is thrilled to be joining the Injoy Birth Collective to soak up knowledge from her mentors and peers and be the doula the diverse, beautiful birthing people of Orlando deserve.

Molly Stoute

Meet the Doula >

Molly has many years of experience making babies her business. She is the mother of 5 adult children, including twins, and 2 grandchildren. She has experienced many birth stories, including a C-section, 3 VBACS, birth partner for her first grandson’s beautiful birth and just recently witnessed a spiritual labor at home for her second grandson’s birth. 


Her love for “all things baby-related” began as a stay at home mom for 16 years. Nurturing and caring for her own children inspired her to become a nurse once her children were grown. She achieved her goal and became a neonatal intensive care nurse, during which her love of caring for infants grew deeper. During nursing school and her early professional life, Molly became passionate about perinatal care and the importance that quality pre-natal care has on both mom and baby.

In addition to her experience as a NICU nurse, Molly is also a Certified Breastfeeding Consultant and skilled in helping new mothers transition from birth through the postpartum phase.  She considers herself very blessed to be part of this wonderful doula mentorship program so she can better serve the birthing community. 

“I look forward to helping women find the power within each of them to prepare for the sacred experience of birth and the journey of motherhood. I truly believe it takes a village to raise a child and I cherish every opportunity to witness that beautiful moment when mom and baby’s hearts are forever connected.”

In Joy Birth is now offering a doula mentorship program! 

  • 7 month in depth, continuing education program. 

  • Extended doula support and 24/7 guidance for all birth work and business needs.

  • Join in on our mentored doula support circles and networks.

  • Get paid while studying and receiving our guidance. 

  • Monthly workshops with specialized and local experts.

  • Hands on experience through apprenticeship while building clientele base.

  • CEUs through DONA (in progress).

  • Ability to recertify through this program with DONA. (in progress)

  • Create partnerships with birth centers, home birth midwives, and certified nurse midwives.

Our 2021 Spring Doula Collective is FULL. Apply for the Fall 2021 Collective here: Be the change.

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