Make what you love, be what you do.

- Rumi

Theresa Ferrell

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Theresa is a stay-at-home mom of 2 little boys who believes in the restorative power of creative expression. Her journey into motherhood opened her eyes to the lack of honest communication and resources available to pregnant people and their families. This lit a passion in her for preparation through education, support, and advocacy. She understands how deeply important processing your birth is to becoming confident as a new mom, and enjoys being that listening ear. 

"It does not matter to me how or where you choose to give birth as long as you feel prepared, empowered, and supported. Regardless of any of your choices, I am probably definitely going to cry."Theresa

Vonda Osborn

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Vonda is a mother to 5 children; 3 teenagers and 2 little ones. Being a young when she had her big kids and very uneducated about birth, she followed whatever the doctors told her. Through her own birth experiences as well as  friends and families she has attended, she has seen a lack of education and support. 


“I believe that all mommas and their families deserve to be educated and supported no matter what they decide is best for them. If that means you want pain medication the moment you walk into the hospital or if you want a home, water birth; I will be there to help and support you with love and no judgement.”


Lyndsey Albertson

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Lyndsey is a mom to a busy toddler and a special education teacher in Orange County. She became interested in birth work after being completely overwhelmed with her first child and realizing how important a support structure is for birthing and postpartum families. 


“I believe all birthing people and their partners/families deserve support and empowerment to achieve their birthing goals, whether they choose an elective C-section or an unmedicated home birth. Particularly, I love to help new parents navigate through postpartum time with their sweet new baby, a time when many can feel overwhelmed by this huge transition. Education and informed-decision making is critical during this important time in life, and I believe a doula can help empower families to make their own best choices.”


Kelly Higuera

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Kelly is a wife and a mother. She was born in New York and moved to Central Florida at a young age with her family. She spent her entire young life and into her 20's dancing. She danced professionally for many Orlando theme parks, Entertainment Companies and for the Orlando Magic. Being a dancer and so in tune with the female body and sparked her passion for health and fitness, leading her to become a certified barre instructor. She has been teaching at The Bar Method since 2012.


Kelly studied Nursing in college and during her schooling, gave birth to the 3rd child. Kelly was passionate about achieving a natural birth and during that time hired a Doula and began her own study and research on child birth. She achieved her natural birth and found her passion for helping woman, Child birth and the female body all connected in labor, delivery and postpartum. Kelly continues to learn from the  In Joy Birth program.


"I look forward to helping woman do what their body was created to do-Give Birth!" 


Melissa Yates

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Melissa Yates is a DONA trained birth and postpartum doula. She and hubby Craig have three adult children, two sons via international adoption and a daughter through IVF. Melissa and Craig lived in New Zealand for 17 years and moved to Central FL in 2005. After home educating her children and facing the empty nest, Melissa knew she needed a new focus in life. She has always been fascinated by birth and babies. She loves to geek out on all things pregnancy and birth related. The timing was perfect to become a doula.


“I'm so excited to focus on birth and postpartum work at this stage in my life. My children are grown and making their own way in life.  While I'm so incredibly thankful to be involved in their adult lives, I have plenty of time and energy to give to other families.” 


Melissa has worked this past year and a half as a postpartum doula, supporting families as they find their way after bringing baby home.


“I'm excited to expand my training in birth doula work while part of the InJoy Birth mentorship program. I look forward to becoming more and more equipped to serve families for birth and postpartum.”

Amy Del Rio

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Amy is a mother of four who joined the birthing community shortly after her 4th child and seeing how important it was to have choices and support. In 2018, she started her journey with DONA and it led to continued education in Bradley method, breastfeeding, and postpartum work.

Gina Parani

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Gina is a Certified Holistic Birth & Postpartum Doula and Traditional Birth Attendant who supports the full spectrum of reproductive care. She is passionate about journeying with people through transformation and serving birthing people by providing options, information, resources, emotional and spiritual support for autonomous exploration and individualized care. She spends her days working with the land and raising up three wild goddess girls. 


Gina has personally chosen and supported hospital, home and free birth. She believes every birth experience deserves be grounded in personalized care and solid postpartum bliss plan. 

"It's your right to birth in dignity, where you feel safe, with a support team you feel comfortable with and intimately connected to. Once you are clear on your vision, we will cultivate your circle of support in a way that honors and supports your specific needs. Having the support you need to bring forth life should not be a luxury, but a right for all women. There is no better time to align with your truth, get creative and access your innate wisdom and power." 


Felicia Falco

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Felicia is a Mother and Wife. She started her journey becoming a doula after having her own children and seeing how much a couple needs support from beginning to end.    


"I know the struggles from infertility to complications to pure joy and loss.  I strive to make sure the families I support feel empowered and informed. That way my clients can make their own choices how they see fit.”


Sammi Kay

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Sammi is a momma to two magical girls. She has a background in child development and mental health. She is a licensed mental health counselor with a specialization in perinatal and postpartum mood disorders. She is grateful for the opportunity to nurture women as they explore their birth options, create their own birth practices, and grow into motherhood. She brings a holistic approach filled with support, compassion and advocacy.

 "I had the pleasure of having In Joy Birth at my second birth and was able to have a supported and healing birth experience. It truly brought me back home to myself. I am so excited to be part of this team and the opportunity to provide the same support and experience for another."


In Joy Birth is now offering a doula mentorship program! 

  • 7 month in depth, continuing education program. 

  • Extended doula support and 24/7 guidance for all birth work and business needs.

  • Join in on our mentored doula support circles and networks.

  • Get paid while studying and receiving our guidance. 

  • Monthly workshops with specialized and local experts.

  • Hands on experience through apprenticeship while building clientele base.

  • CEUs through DONA (in progress).

  • Ability to recertify through this program with DONA. (in progress)

  • Create partnerships with birth centers, home birth midwives, and certified nurse midwives.

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